AMRC Monthly General Meetings

AMRC holds a monthly general meeting that is open to the public.  This meeting is the best way to learn about the team and ask questions.  At the meeting there will be a chance to talk with our Member at Large who is in charge of coordinating with prospective members.  The meeting also will involve  short technical and medical training presentations on topics of relevance to mountain rescue in New Mexico.

Meeting Time and Location

The meeting is generally held at 6:30pm on the first Wednesday of the month. Sometimes due to holidays or conflicts this date is changed, so please check our AMRC calendar for the official time, date, and location.

Potential Locations

The meeting is sometimes held at different locations.  Again please see our AMRC calendar for the official time, date, and location.  Potential locations and directions are given below.

  • James Dwyer APD Substation: 12700 Montgomery [Winter]
  • AMRC Tierjas Cache [Spring – Fall]
    • Located in the YWCA facility behind the Sandia Ranger District Office in Tierjas.
    • Behind the Ranger Station is a steel gate which is open only during meetings.  The AMRC cache is through the gate and right at the intersection (follow sign to YWCA), through another small chain-link gate and about 100yds further.
    • Parking is in the open lot above the cache.
    • Gate behind Tierjas Ranger Station Google Map